Essay is very interesting type of paper

How to write an essay: structure

The structure of the essay (taking into account all the features and specifics of the question), as a rule, should include the following semantic elements (which do not necessarily stand out as separate sections of the text):

1. Entry – one paragraph. Use traps to attract attention, such as quote, poem, question, thoughts, unusual facts, ideas or funny stories. There is no need to state the main idea in the first sentence. But it should lead to it or relate somehow to the main idea or thesis, and also contain the main points of the essay.

2. The main part – 2-3 paragraphs. Express yourself understandably. Support basic ideas with facts, reflections, ideas, vivid descriptions, quotes, or other information or materials that intrigue and capture the reader’s attention. Use reference materials to eliminate tautology.

3. Conclusion – one paragraph. Demonstrate your growth and potential in this area. Show your views on the problem. What actions do you plan in your future to take on this issue.

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