Wichita Art Day of Giving
Grand Total for ArtDOG 2016

Thank you for supporting
the arts in Wichita

The Wichita Community Foundation and all of our Art Day of Giving (ArtDOG) participants THANK YOU for being part of Wichita ArtDOG on 4/29/16. Together, we have strengthened our arts community. Thanks for being part of something special in Wichita.


Dollars Raised - Leaderboard
Rank Organization Amount Given
1Wichita Center for the Arts$431,602.94
2Wichita Symphony Orchestra$200,640.44
3Orpheum Performing Arts Centre, Ltd.$172,326.44
4Sedgwick County Zoo$112,678.65
5Botanica, the Wichita Gardens$104,855.44
6Wichita Public Library Foundation$75,647.44
7Tallgrass Film Association$74,974.44
9Music Theatre Wichita$40,543.44
10Chamber Music at The Barn$32,225.10
11Wichita Children's Theatre and Dance Center$24,036.44
12Christian Youth Theater Wichita$17,280.39
13Exploration Place, Inc.$14,666.44
14The Seed House~La Casa de la Semilla$11,946.44
15Music Theatre for Young People$9,289.49
16Emerald City Chorus Sweet Adelines International$9,124.52
17Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University$8,800.44
18Wichita Art Museum$7,785.44
19Opera Kansas$7,325.44
20Ballet Wichita$6,571.24
21Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum$6,545.44
22Harvester Arts$6,005.44
23Wichita Asian Association$4,794.97
24Fisch Bowl$4,044.44
25Wichita Choral Society$3,746.44
26Wichita Chamber Chorale, Inc.$3,400.44
27Arts Council, Inc.$3,285.44
28Arts Partners$3,170.44
29Newman University Fine Arts$3,067.44
30Griots Storytelling Institute$2,786.44
31The Love Story$2,620.44
32ICT Showchoir$2,565.44
33Camp Allegro Wichita$2,210.44
34Wichita Grand Opera, Inc.$2,190.44
35ARISE Ensemble$2,070.44
36Education Edge Fine Arts Gift Fund$2,055.44
37Delano Chamber Players, Inc.$1,955.44
38Wichita Community Children's Choir$1,718.44
39Museum of World Treasures$1,675.44
40Heart of America Men's Chorus$1,415.44
41Wichita Community Theatre$1,346.44
42SHIFTSPACE Gallery, Wichita State University$1,220.44
43Wichita State University - College of Fine Arts$1,135.44
44Old Cowtown Museum$1,115.44
45George B. Tack Memorial Flute Committee$1,100.44
46American Guild of Organists, Wichita Chapter$1,005.44
47The Kansas African American Museum$892.44
48South Central Kansas SmorgasChorus$792.44
49Bartlett Arboretum$790.44
51Deaf Kids' Art Network (DeafKAN)$580.44
52Wichita Jazz Festival$450.44
53Kansas Aviation Museum$445.44
54Wichita Blues Society$270.44
56Wichita Shakespeare Company, Inc.$210.44
57Friends University Fine Arts$95.44

Golden Ticket Winners

  • Music Theatre Wichita
  • KPTS
  • Wichita Choral Society
  • Emerald City Chorus Sweet Adelines International
  • The Seed House~La Casa de la Semilla
  • Education Edge Fine Arts Gift Fund
  • Exploration Place, Inc.
  • SHIFTSPACE Gallery, Wichita State University
  • Wichita Art Museum
  • ICT Showchoir
  • Wichita Community Children's Choir
  • The Love Story

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