Nonprofit Prizes

Golden Tickets

Golden tickets are $1,000 prizes awarded to participating nonprofits, chosen at random. They are awarded every other hour during ArtDOG.

Twelve $1,000 Golden Tickets will be presented to nonprofits through drawings done throughout the 24 hours. The Golden Ticket winners will be announced on the Wichita Community Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the homepage of

Bonus Pool

The Bonus Pool is an allotment of money, raised by the Wichita Community Foundation, that is awarded to all participating arts organizations on a pro-rata basis, based on each organization’s performance during ArtDOG.

Bonus Pool dollars will be awarded after the Day of Giving. The WCF raises Bonus Pool dollars from its fund holders and other individuals interested in the arts, up to April 24. Donors can contribute online directly to the Bonus Pool on April 29 by selecting the “I Can’t Decide, I Want to Donate to All of Them” button. These dollars, along with the previous dollars raised by WCF, form the Bonus Pool. One hundred percent of these dollars is distributed to the participating arts organizations.

How Bonus Pool dollars are awarded

Each of the participating arts organizations is placed in a competitive pool with its peers based on its annual operating budget. This means the American Guild of Organists, for example, would compete with like organizations of its size and volunteer base. The Sedgwick County Zoo, for example, would compete with organizations like Music Theatre Wichita and the Wichita Public Library Foundation. Typically, there are three groups of organizations. All Bonus Pool dollars are equally divided amongst the three groups.

The three groups are:

  1. Operating budgets less than $50,000
  2. Operating budgets between $50,000 and $500,000
  3. Operating budgets over $500,000

Example: Group A (budget less than $50,000) would be ranked by total dollars raised, highest to lowest. Bonus Pool dollars would be apportioned pro-rata. If Organization #1 was at the top of the Group A leaderboard, and raised 10% of the total dollars given to Group A, Organization #1 would receive 10% of $25,000 (which is their group’s share of Bonus Pool dollars) or $2500. Group B would divide $25,000 pro-rata in the same manner, as would Group C.

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